This is Core Service From PROCER AGENCY and 100% Helpful to Ordinary Indian Migrants Who Looking Easy, Least Expensive, Affordable and Job Assured Family Immigration Visa to Australia. 

Finding a job, even in our home country India or Middle East, are difficult enough these days. Finding a job is a job itself and if you want to be successful, you have to work really hard at it. Of course, it depends what you do, your skills and how much in demand that might be. For most people though, it’s a case of churning out the applications, hitting the phones, networking and hoping for a break.

Finding an employer and job sponsorship from Australia is probably about 10 times harder than finding a job in our home country, to be successful then, you’ll probably have to work 10 times harder at it. Here PROCER AGENCY, by networking with more 1500 working professionals from Australia wide, we can help you to find sponsor!! 100%.

The package PROCER AGENCY to introduce to you will not guarantee that you will get a job offer within few days, and nobody can do that, but we do guarantee that we will find a job offer and valid employer nomination for you within a span of 7 to 12 months, if your job profile is good and found in concerned occupations demand list.  We collect limited applications only in each occupation, considering present offer.  And PROCER AGENCY's Australian Employer Nomination Finding Service is the only one available best option to find a Direct Employer Sponsorship from Australia and we will help you to systematically hunt down and capture that
job sponsorship in Australia that really could change your life.

What we do for you?If you are looking easy, least expensive and job assured IMMIGRATION VISA option to live and work in Australia (mean affordable Immigration visa option  to Australia) and RSMS or ENS or 457  is your visa option?  WE HELP YOU TO FIND AN AUSTRALIAN EMPLOYER NOMINATION. Yes, to apply for RSMS and ENS (both are PR category) and 457 (temporary working visa) Australian Employer Nomination is must and mandatory. Without a valid and proper Australian Employer Nomination, nobody can apply for these visas. Attraction:- RSMS, ENS, and 457 visa application process is comparatively least complicated, least expensive and very fast, if have a Employer Nomination in hand.

Why RSMS (187), ENS (186) and 457 (Australian employer nominating stream)
visa schemes important to ordinary Indian applicants?

+  No need point test
+  No need complicated consulate interview
+  No need high band IELTS (mean 5 to 6 bands also work out in employer sponsored schemes)
+  Land in there with job in hand and standard salary legally assured – (this is the most important to an ordinary Indian migrant).
+  Age up to 49 can apply
+  No need big capital expense (moreover as a nominated and agreement category job, there is chance to meet expenses by employer)
+  No need costly immigration consultant support for visa application
+  No need bank balance support and no need bank guarantee

+  No need initial advance payment or upfront fee. 

But general skilled immigration schemes are for meritorious and rich applicants, who have got 7+ band IELTS, education and work experience  wise top, able to meet related high expenses including bank balance requirement, ready to face some tough consulate interviews, and ready / confident to search and find a job after reaching there…


 +  PROCER AGENCY is the only one agency in India (or in Asia) to help immigrants to find job offer (employer nomination) from Australia and Canada.

+  We have a professional network of 1500 plus members, it is the largest network, to source employer nomination from regional  Australia and Canada.

+ We collect applications as per demand only, so assure 100% result.

+  We not demand or collect any upfront or advance payments from applicants, mean if candidate / applicant has got all required documents and reports or if applicant is ready to prepare and submit all required reports self, no need even ONE RUPEE as upfront or advance or expense!

+  In PROCER AGENCY, application process for finding employer nomination is very simple and fast, one can apply through online and no need to visit.

+ Our service charge is very nominal and payment is after joining job only. 100% success fee.. 

Conclusion:- It is true fact that Employer Sponsored Immigration Visa is attractive, affordable and easy to manage to ordinary Indian immigrants, but as you know, the only one toughest and crucial (mandatory) requirement is EMPLOYER NOMINATION (mean getting a sponsorship from Australian or Canadian Employer). Yes, to apply for ENS, RSME and 457 visa schemes or PNP or Quebec Schemes a valid nomination (job offer) from Australian Employer is a must.  PROCER AGENCY (a team and network of 1500 plus working professionals, all are working in regional areas of Australia and Canada) can help you to get a valid employment offer and nomination, if profile is matching.  100%. 
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(for FAQs, Application Procedure, Documents required.. to apply for Australian Job offer) 

Procer Agency

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Our Unique Services are


Certificate (Credential) Evaluation Report - CER

(transform your Indian education to US education standard).

Credential evaluation is a process, which compares your foreign credentials (i.e. if you are an Indian, your Indian credentials / certificates), with their US educational equivalents. This report is prepared by US / Canada located agencies. This evaluation is advisory and it is designed to help academic institutions, employers, licensing authority in the US (US educational system and standard is worldwide accepted one and so, this credential evaluation also understood and valued in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia Pacific, Middle East  etc.,)

Why do you need to have credentials evaluated? If you received all or part of your education from a country outside the US, you must have your credentials evaluated in order to have them understood, valued and recognized by educational institutions, employers, various licensing authorities, and various certification boards in US. An evaluation by recognized agency provides you with the US academic equivalents of your certificates (credentials) and permit you to pursue further education, seek employment in the US and / or important steps towards various certification (e.g. teachers licensing, nursing board registration etc.,). In other instances those to pursuing additional degrees in the US have been able to get credit for classes taken in a country outside the US. A credential evaluation report from US / Canada agencies is a comparison document to prove credibility and authentication of our Indian certificates to US equivalents.

PROCER AGENCY assists you to prepare your Credential (certificates) Assessment Report from US and Canadian Agencies, as per your requirement. 
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Professional ReferenceService
(We recommend you to international employers)

One of the most stressful things about domestic and international job processing has to be selecting job references. You may see a notation in a job posting to provide professional references with your job application or you may be asked for a list of references after you have. So, what is professional job reference?

A professional reference is a reference from a person who can say something for your qualifications / merits for a job. A professional reference is typically a former employer, a colleague, a client, a supervisor or someone else who can recommend you for employment.  Here PROCER AGENCY, who studying   / verifying your full profiles, evaluated your qualifications, assess your work experiences and other skill sets, and be prepared to discuss about your skills to an employer, mean after matching your personality (or attitude) with job for you, can be a right professional reference for domestic and international job processing.

When you apply for a job (in India or abroad) you may be asked for a list of professional references / job references either after a job interview or in some cases, when apply for a job. 

When you ask for a reference, how ask is really important. You need to be sure that the person who is recommending you for employment is willing and able to give you a good useful reference. That is most important, especially in International agreement (sponsorship category) job processing, because your reference can be what makes the difference in getting – or not getting – a job offer. Here we have proper information about you. So, we can recommend you. For job reference that get results, leave it to the professionals. Read More
help labors to apply for international jobs direct.

In the international hiring industry, especially direct recruiting private sector, there is great concern about the skills gap that exists between those actual skills required on the job and those exhibited by new and existing workers.  Overseas located employers, especially from advanced countries like Canada, Australia, US, European Union countries, Japan etc., experience great difficulty in hiring work force from India, who should have all basic working (employability) skills, who have matching personality and who are therefore trainable for specific jobs.  The job certification report or career readiness certificate (prepared by PROCER AGENCY as a third party HR agency after various steps of evaluation process) is a portable skills credential, ensuring and understanding  overseas located employers of a job abroad seeker’s actual skills. Now we assist all category labors (general, semi skilled and skilled labors) to apply for international agreement job offer by preparing their job certification report and by giving professional reference, through which overseas located employers and labor contractors evaluate the potential, as well and highly influential decision making and final selection.   

How JOB CERTIFICATION REPORT helps labors to job placement abroad?

Actually JOB CERTIFICATION REPORT (Career Readiness Report) more useful (or very must) to less educated / less trained labor category people who looking job placement in developed countries. How? In the cases of graduates (degree holders), Diploma holders and Certificate holders, what is that? Quality checked or not, they have at least a certificates to show. But too many labors, even though good workers, not have a certificate and document proof. Here PROCER AGENCY’s JOB CERTIFICATION CERTIFICATE is a really portable credential to them.  So, they and their working skills easily and universally understood and valued by employers.
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Notice-First read full details (about our unique services)  from concerned webpage of this website; so you will get all relevant details. We do not manage face to face counseling facility.  Our application procedure is simple and fast and immigrants can manage through online; well explained in this website. We not demand / collect any upfront; mean if you have all required documents and reports with or if you can prepare yourself, nothing initial expense here. We do not authorized any to collect documents  or payment on behalf of us. If you want to apply for anyone of our services, please read concerned webpage well, if any clarification / consultancy needed use CONTACT US FORM and if convinced follow application procedures and apply as per. This enterprise is owned/operated by overseas located NRIs and PIOs, but Indians and other countries' citizens can use this services, to find job offer in abroad, especially in Australia and Canada. As you know, immigration decision is life changing very important one, should be wise and after thorough study. please use your 1-2 -3 hours seriously to learn / read this website well, especially FAQs; and intention of this website is to help immigrants to learn about sponsored immigration visa , so matter wise it is some big and elaborative, please use it.    

 M/s. PROCER AGENCY Helps You "to Get a Canadian Employer to Sponsor You". So you can apply for job assured immigration visa to Canada, under Canada PNP and Quebec Special Stream. Apply today 

PROCER AGENCY assist immigrants to get employment offer (arranged employment) from Canadian Employers, under provincial nominee programs (PNP), mainly Ontario PNP, Alberta PNP and Quebec stream special employer nomination program.  In the cases of Canada FSWP, list of occupations in demand is very limited comparing to Australia. And there is a cap (annual limit 5000 under FSWP).

But if have an arranged employment in hand, especially under PNP or Quebec special stream, migrants can apply to somany occupations demand in regional areas, wide choice from national occupations classifications and cap is not applicable*.

​Attraction:- minimum IELTS requirement to apply for Canadian Employer Sponsored visa schemes is 5 band, Yes, 5 band affordable to all.

No Need IELTS to Apply for Employer Nomination. So apply for Employer Nomination now and prepare self for IELTS
Yes, Even 5 band IELTS Works to Canada

Yes, min. IELTS requirement to Canada (under PNP and Quebec arranged employment cases) is 5 band, affordable to all (and in the cases of trade persons 4.5 band also working), excluding to medical professionals. but for

Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Lab technologists, Dietitians, Nutritionists etc., an attractive option here ...

Nurses, pharmacists, medical lab technologists, physiotherapists etc., who have got 5 to 6.5 band IELTS (or who expect below 6.5 band if appear for test) can apply now for non licensed lower level health assistant jobs, like Nurse Aide, Nursing assistant, patient care worker, pharmacy assistant, physiotherapy assistant etc., slowly they can better IELTS band and can change to licensed profession

No need IELTS to apply for Employer nomination, but IELTS (min. 5 band) must to apply for Canada employer sponsored immigration visa, that is after 7 months only. You have 7-8 months to prepare and appear for IELTS. Surely you will 6-7.5 band depending work, anyhow if get at least 5 band, we can apply to immigration visa.

​Apply Right Now.

to get application process and procedures, FAQs, documents requirements

Job Offer, Employer Nomination, Employer 

Sponsored Immigration Visa from Australia and Canada.  

PROCER AGENCY is Unique Consultancy in India; Specialist in Australian and Canadian Employer Nomination (i.e. Sponsorship or Job Offer) Finding and Employer Sponsored Immigration, PR and Working Visa Services. Are you Looking a Job Assured Immigration Visa to Australia or Canada? This is the best and easy Option  

What we do? We offer following International Job Offer Finding and Employer Sponsored Immigration visa Consultancy Services; Help  to Get Australian Regional Employer Sponsorship; so immigrants can apply for Employer Sponsored Immigration Visa to Australia easily. Help to Get Arranged Employment (job Offer) under Canada PNP and Quebec Special Stream Employer Nomination; so immigrants can apply for Employer Sponsored Immigration Visa to Canada Easily, mainly Ontario PNP, Alberta PNP and Quebec Special, and can immigrate with assured job and family in hand..  Then..

International Job Application Services - WeApply4U, a type of advanced skill marketing, help job seekers to respond to all national and international job notifications.  Certificate Assessment Service for Canada Immigration and USA Work Visa Application Processing. And Job Certification Services - to prepare labors to apply for Intl. jobs, are other services.

Beneficiaries:- Our services, mainly   "Finding an Employer to Sponsor You"  or "Finding a Job Offer for You"  is  highly helpful and 100% result assured to people who are looking Job Assured employer sponsored immigration Visa to Australia and Canada; under Regional or Provincial Employer Sponsored Immigration Visa stream. And all our services are to make your Indian and international job offer and Employer Nomination searching and employer sponsored immigration visa application processing easy, scientific and fast.

Why We Stand out from Others? non expensive prompt service is our policy. If applicant has all required documents and reports with or if applicant can prepare all required documents and reports with help of friends residing in US / Canada, Nothing initial expense or nothing advance payments required. Our service fee 100% after joining the job from first salary only. And here max. expense (i.e. visa apps. cost + skill assessment / certificate assessment + Med. + PCC + Ticket) altogether will be below Rs. 1.5 lac and no need to hand over this money or original valuable documents / certificates to any agency; but only to concerned dept.     

Who we are? (Management and team) - a team and network of 1500 plus highly qualified NRI and PIO working professionals (mostly working in regional Australia and Canada) and this team purposefully use their spare time, with good intentions of helping skilled Indians to get affordable job settlement and job assured immigration visa to Australia and Canada; mostly under most prioritized regional employer sponsored immigration visa schemes.  

How we do? This team individually and team wise continuously contacting and sourcing Australian and Canadian employers to get job offers and sponsorship to  skilled Indians. They approach own employer, nearby employers, local job agencies and attend local job fairs to get more nomination offers. Some members individually source 10-15 nominations yearly. So, think the magic of 1500 plus..  All our services are unique and nobody else offering in India; 100% worth to price, customized to applicant's requirement and result assured. We maintain a ZERO COMPLAINT POLICY. Remind, we charge a nominal service fee for our service (for finding a job offer or employer sponsorship to you), but that 100% after reaching there (joining job) only. Nothing upfront.

Declaration:- PROCER AGENCY is not a job agency or visa agency (and we are not come under POE / MOIA registration), but we are expert in finding Australian and Canadian employer nominations, which is a must and mandatory tool to apply for direct employer sponsoring immigration visa.  So, if you are just looking an immigration consultancy to assist / guide you in immigration visa application or if you are looking a visa agency to purchase a visa, take care, we are not.  But if you are aware about job offer, employer sponsorship and employer sponsored job assured immigration visa options to Australia and Canada, and you are looking a valid employer sponsorship from Australian or Canadian employer,  PROCER AGENCY is 100% reliable and dependable agency to you. We can help you.

Unique Service to Get Australian Job Offer & Direct Employer Nomination. So, You can Apply for Employer Sponsored Immigration Visa Easily.

Canada Arranged Employment & Employer Nomination.

Easiest and Smartest Way to Immigrate to Canada.

International Job Application Service

We apply. You Get the Job. Sure.

We search 7 leading job magazines, 33 leading job advt. news papers and 19 (all leading) Indian and International job portals and apply for you, 24*7. Mean we cover all job notifications and job adds timely, and apply for you. Can you?

Hello, we are your personal Human Resource Professional. Once you create and forward your professionally prepared resume to PROCER AGENCY’s WeApply4U program, we will apply for jobs that fit your search criteria. Yes, you may heard us. we will complete your job applications for you so you can get more interviews and fast job placement. 

We work for you

WeApply4U provides job application services to job seekers. We pride ourselves on quality, accurate, and fast work. Our main goal is to help get as many interviews as possible so that you can choose your perfect job. May salary will be 2 to 3 time more in domestic market and 10 to 15 time more in international market.

We like to pride ourselves on the fact that we are composed of normal people just like everyone else. We are not a huge corporation, and we are down to earth. We understand the frustrations created from being unemployed so we treat your case with great respect and expediency.
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Under Regional (or Provincial)  Employer Nomination and Arranged Employment scheme, Job Assured Family Immigration to Australia and Canada is, too Easy, Fast and Top Prioritized.  PROCER AGENCY Helps You to Get a Matching Job Offer (Employer Nomination)!. 100%*.  

Remind, No Need IELTS to Apply for Employer Nomination,  IELTS Need to Apply for Immigration Visa only.  Yes, Apply Now for Employer Nomination and Start IELTS Practice Self.  Surely Your will Get 6 to 7.5 Band IELTS Score by 7 - 8 Months .  Don't Worry Even If You Get Just 5 band only, We Can Apply to Canada PNP & Quebec Stream now. Apply Right Now. Start Today. 

Urgent Requirement;

to Regional Australia (Apply now for job offer: schemes RSMS 187 and 457). 


Accountant (General) (221111)
Chemical Engineers (233111)
Civil engineers (233211)
Electrical engineers (233311)
Electronics engineers (233411)
Production (plant) engineers (233513)
Mechanical Engineers (233512)

​IT & Computer

Telecommunications Field Engineer (313212)
Systems Analyst (261112)
Analyst Programmer (261311)
Developer Programmer (261312)
Software Engineer (261313)
Multimedia Designer 232413
Graphic Designer 232411
Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111)
Systems Administrator 262113
Call or Contact Centre Manager 149211


Pre-Primary teachers (241111)
Primary School Teacher 241213
Private Tutors and Teachers nec 249299

Health and Medical

Physiotherapist (252511)
Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
Registered Nurses nec* (254499) (Remote or Rural Area)
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) (254413)
Hospital Pharmacist 251511 (small hospital or clinics)
Resident Medical Officer 253112 - (MBBS)


Accommodation and Hospitality ​Managers nec 141999
Sales Representative (Industrial Products) 225411
Financial Institution Branch Manager 149914
Cafe or Restaurant Manager*** 141111
Customer Service Manager 149212
Cook*** 351411
Chef*** 351311

Technicians and Mechanics

Telecommunications Technician 342414
Civil Engineering Technician (312212)
Automotive Electrician (321111)
Motor Mechanic (General) (321211)
Fitter (General) 323211
Electrician (General) 341111
Air conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic 342111
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker 342313
Plumber (General) 334111
Dressmaker or Tailor 393213
Electrical Lines worker 342211
Chemical Plant Operator 399211
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker 342313

Many more openings


Urgent Requirement to Canada; Apply now for employer nomination (arranged employment): Scheme Ontario and Alberta PNP and Quebec Special stream. (Note- job placement should be to regional area)  


2133 Electrical and Electronics Engineers
2132 Mechanical Engineers
2131 Civil Engineers
2147 Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers)

IT & Internet

2171 Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
2172 Database Analysts and Data Administrators
2173 Software Engineers and Designers
2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
2175 Web Designers and Developers &
5241 Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Health and medical

3213 Veterinary and Animal Health Technologists and Technicians
3413 Nurse Aides,and Patient Care Service (non licensed)
3152 Registered Nurses
3132 Dietitians and Nutritionists
3142 Physiotherapists
3414 Other Assisting Occupations in Support of Health Services (pharmacy assistant, physiotherapy assistants, lab assistants etc., non licensed jobs)


4214 Early Childhood Educators and Assistants
4142 Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers

Food, Food Service, Kitchen Jobs

6241 Chefs 
6242 Cooks
6212 Food Service Supervisors
6453 Food and Beverage Servers
6641 Food Counter Attendants, Kitchen Helpers and Related Occupations
6435 Hotel Front Desk Clerks

Managers, admin jobs

0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers
0123 Other Business Services Managers
0611 Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers
0631 Restaurant and Food Service Managers
0651 Other Services Managers
0114 Other Administrative Services Managers
0111 Financial Managers

Technicians, mechanics and operators

2242 Electronic Service Technicians (Household and Business Equipment)
2243 Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics
2281 Computer Network Technicians
2283 Systems Testing Technicians
2282 User Support Technicians
7219 Contractors and Supervisors, Other Construction Trades, Installers, Repairers and Servicers
7232 Tool and Die Makers
7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades
7241 Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System)
7244 Electrical Power Line and Cable Workers
7245 Telecommunications Line and Cable Workers
7265 Welders and Related Machine Operators
7321 Automotive Service Technicians, Truck and Bus Mechanics and Mechanical Repairers
7411 Truck Drivers
7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

and many more jobs


IELTS Requirement

Remind, IELTS not must to apply for Employer Nomination; but required band IELTS is must to apply for immigration visa. Yes, we apply for immigration visa after getting employer nomination only. Mean if you apply today for employer nomination, it will take min. 7 months to get nomination in hand. Mean you have 7+ months to prepare and appear for IELTS. We suggest to start self preparation right now and appear for test after getting nomination only. In the case of Australia, now validity of IELTS is 3 year. Mean if you have had IELTS not old than 3 year, that is valid.  See country wise IELTS requirements, for employer sponsored regional visa options. 

1- Australia:- Min. 6 band IELTS

For all trades and profession (in RSMS 187, ENS 186 and 457 schemes) excluding medical trades. For medical trades (nurses, pharmacists,  lab techs, physiotherapists etc.,  min. 7 band must to get concerned licence. 

2- Canada:-Min. 5 band only (easy to get to all)

For all trades and professions (under PNPs and Quebec employer nomination schemes) excluding medical trades. For medical trades 7+ band IELTS to get concerned license.  

3- Attractive option for Medical trades

with lower band IELTS - to Canada

Nurses, Pharmacists, medical technologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, nutritionists etc,. who have scored / expect 5 -6.5 band (mean below 7 band IELTS )  and not prepared to appear for concerned licensing test (for exam- CRNE);  those can apply now for lower level health assistants trades (non licensed) like Nurse Aide, Nursing assistant, Patient care worker and pharmacy assistant, physiotherapy assistant; slowly they can better IELTS and appear for licensing test. This is good option to enter. PROCER AGENCY helps to find job offers. This is strictly to those who are ready to live and work in regional areas. 

4- Without IELTS Option:- this without IELTS option applicable to Canada only and to applicants / immigrants who are ready to take 3-6 months adult English training course (employer will arrange); but in this coursing period salary will not get. Remind, to apply for Canada (under PNP and Quebec employer nomination scheme) IELTS requirement is min. 5 band only; which is easily manageable to all. Mean 90% applicants without a serious practice can score 5.5 and above normally. 

So we suggest apply for employer nomination first; and start IELTS preparation right now, surly will score 6+ band. 

M/s. PROCER AGENCY is in Search of 100s of Nominees (Employees) for Australian & Canadian Employers. If You are OK to Live and Work, at Least 3 years, in less Populated Fast Developing Regional Areas of Australia and Canada..This is Great Opportunity.  

Dear Applicants, now PROCER AGENCY does not collect applications from applicants / Candidates direct. Now we take cases / applications through job agencies / institutions only, for verification convenience. contact us email:-, for more details.   

Dear applicants, 10/02/2014 onward PROCER AGENCY does not collect / receive applications direct from individual applicants, but we receive applications through job agencies / institutions only, for background checking and verification convenience.